22 Ounces of Gratitude

Happy August, Happy Thursday, and Happy Belated Birthday to me. (That was just my way of introducing this blog, not me being extremely self-righteous, don’t worry).

Yes, recently I turned 22 (which is pretty monumental for a #Swiftie), and I couldn’t help but notice what an enormous amount of gratitude I felt in my heart that day, and even the days surrounding it. It inspired me to list out twenty-two things I am grateful for – one for each year of my little average-yet-still-somehow-incredible life.

I GOT A JOB! One week before my birthday I was doing sprints on the treadmill when I got a call. I noticed it was an Erie number so immediately answered the phone (while being very, very out of breath). And when I answered, I heard exactly what I was hoping I would. I am employed at a marketing agency in the gem city of Erie, PA.

Erie, PA – This city get a lot of slack, but to me, I am grateful for the roots it’s providing me. It was where I went to college, so it was the first steps I took outside of my home. And now it’s working as a stepping stone to the rest of my life. I love the area for both what it is and what it represents to me.

My Support System – Thank you to the friends who let me sleep on their couch and cry in their ears when my fears of not achieving my goals became all too real. You are the reason I stayed encouraged to work towards the happiness I found today.

The Doubters – Yes, I am even grateful for you. There were people who would tell me I am messing up, ask me questions in the most condescending tones, and ultimately, light the biggest fire possible inside of me. I proved you wrong and the feelings I have as I say that…well, yeah…I’m grateful for it.

Nature – Thank you for the warmth of the sun, the refreshing rain, the dirt I feel under my feet.


Coffee – It’s the first thing that makes me crack a smile each morning and an instant pick me up at work. What a blessing.

Music – Not many interests of mine have been consistent my entire life, except for two things. Music and writing. I owe a lot to the songs I would listen to when I felt like nobody could listen to me. I’m currently diving more into the music realm and challenging myself to learn instruments because why not.

The Sound of Heels on Cobble Stones – I just love the way it sounds in a not at all random or weird way, okay?

My Grandparents – I touched on my gratitude for my support system, but I have to give a special shout out to these guys. I can’t describe the feeling I get in my heart when I feel their hugs or talk to them. I realize more and more how lucky I am to have them and I hope to make them realize that.

Pinterest – This sounds like a silly one, but it finds the best quotes, quick workout tips, and oh-my-god-I-need-that-now recipes. Shout out to Pinterest because it doesn’t get nearly as many shout outs as Snapchat (and it should).

My 10th Grade English Class – As somebody who adamantly claimed English was their favorite subject in school, this class gave that notion a run for it’s money. It was my first honors English class…and an honor it truly ended up being. It was something that challenged me at something I previously have always been good at. I almost dropped the class to go down to the normal level, but I didn’t. And I think the moment I got through it all without just giving in gave me the character I needed to develop.

Sorority Life – Anybody who knows me knows I can rant all about it (*ahem, if you haven’t heard me rant about it then you must have missed this post*), but thank God Sorority Life taught me the importance of becoming a strong woman.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries – because they’re delicious and I’m craving them.

My Neice & Nephew – For the first time in my life, I saw a life from when it first began. And I don’t know if I could ever put into the words the beauty I notice from their innocent and complete indulgence in loving life. Because life hasn’t taught them to think or act differently. Every ounce of me sincerely hopes they keep that, but the logical part of me knows that it is bound to change. And maybe it’s for better (remember the character development I talked about…), but right now I am grateful to watch them in their youth.

PolaroidPolaroid Cameras – Both their creation and comeback. Thx for being there to capture the mems.

Books – I love the way holding a book feels, the way opening a new book smells, and getting lost in the words inside them.

Whiskey Sours – y’all are the bomb.

Cards – You can’t lie and say you don’t smile a little when you open a Happy Birthday, Thank You, or Congratulations card. It’s such a small gesture but holds so much thought behind it. I save all my cards and go back through them from time to time and instantly feel a pick me up.

Sundays – Call me crazy, but Sunday is my favorite day of the week. They are refreshing, relaxing, and are always when I am feeling my absolute best.

Morning – Again…call me crazy, but I love being a morning person. Just like Sunday, it’s the start of the day. Maybe it’s just the eternal optimist in me that makes me love things starting anew.

Holidays – There is nothing I love more than having a reason to get dressed up, decorate, craft, make treats, and throw a party. And I will do this for any holiday, big or small.

Life – This is so cheesy, but bare with me. My heart swells with gratitude when I think about how happy I am to be breathing, touching, and full-fledged experiencing life. Others are not so lucky, so I often remind myself to never take it all for granted.





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