My Bucket List: Part 2

…and we meet again. So this half of the double post focuses not on *hasn’t been buuuut what one day will be. Because I’m going to make it happen. *cue Beyonce’s Formation to play in the background as motivation to keep working hard til it happens”

*cue Beyonce’s Formation to play in the background as motivation to keep working hard til it happens*


  1. Visit ParisEver since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of going to Paris. Maybe it was from when I watched The Hills in middle school and Lauren Conrad warned us all to always choose Paris over a boy. Or maybe it’s because the city holds so many things that I value – elegance, culture, art, almost like an ignorant bliss, but without a single ounce of guilt. My room is decked out in Paris decor since that is the closest I can get to the surroundings as of now, and I even have a beret made in France waiting for me to wear on my shelf.

    To be honest, traveling in Europe in general is on my bucket list. But if I had to pick one destination, my heart always goes back to Paris.


  2. Visit NashvilleAs a child, I never had the chance to travel so that might explain why it’s just a major theme of my dreams and desires. My uncle told me a story once about the first time he babysat me. I was crying and he started playing his guitar…and then the tears stopped. I think that is the perfect story to tell people when I try to explain that music has always been an all-encompassing love for me. People dream of big, great loves with other people, but you can find such beauty in loving a song, a lyric, a melody.

    Nashville holds such much history and passion for music, so I need to go there. I have a gut feeling, or maybe it’s more a dream, that once I get there I will feel stars align and I’ll look around thinking “These are my people.”


  3.  Watch a Broadway ShowMy hometown has a small theater that would put on productions every now and then. I loved going to them. I was always so surprised at what talent such a tiny town could hold. Going to a Broadway show would be just as fun, but in such an eye opening way. What talent the world has.


  4. Get my MBAGoing to college was already such an accomplishment for me…but if you know me, you know that I don’t stop once I’m satisfied. I have to keep going. One day I hope to further my education with an MBA.


  5. Complete a 10KMy deepest insecurity was and still is my weight. I was in second grade when I turned my body to the side, saw my reflect, and matter-of-factly thought “I’m fat.” And I was. This isn’t a story of body dismorphia, and there is nothing more annoying than when people say “Oh, no you aren’t. You’re beautiful, honey.”

    I’ve always seen it as a fact. I’m overweight – numbers don’t lie. Maybe the scales aren’t always accurate, but BMI and pants sizes can help contribute to the legitimacy. Of course, the fact of my weight came with emotions. I’m not the only person who is overweight, so I know I’m not alone in my experiences.

    My freshman year of college was the first time in my life I could create myself. So I ate healthy and went to the gym. I didn’t even do it to lose weight intentionally. I just had the opportunity to live a better lifestyle. The weight came off (not as much as I’d like, but a considerable amount). I signed up to do a 5K the summer after my freshman year. Unfortunately, the morning of the run I was hospitalized. I eventually did run the 5k and I know second grade me would’ve been happy.

    Like I said, when I accomplish a goal it just means time to make a new one. So one day I’d like to push myself to run a 10k. It seems small to a lot of people, I’m sure. But to me, it will be one of the greatest victories.


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