Healthy Tips

Recently, a group of friends and I decided to start our own “The Biggest Loser” challenge. The concept is pretty simple. We all chipped in twenty dollars. The person who loses the most weight (determined by body percentage to keep it fair) wins the pot. We got so many people to be involved that the winner in our challenge gets $300 – which your girl desperately needs.

So since I’ve signed up for the challenge, I’ve down fairly well. We just concluded week 5 and I don’t think I’m in first, but I’m definitely within the top 5 and I believe that endurance is crucial to challenges such as these. So I’ve decided to adopt some tips and tricks that seem to be pretty helpful. Check them out below, and don’t be afraid to throw in some of your own suggestions in the comments. I’m constantly looking for new advice.

Strength Training & HIIT Workouts

Before I basically stuck to cardio. It worked about three years ago, but I’ve been at a standstill ever since. I’ve recently taken up strength training and HIIT workouts. I find trying new workouts to be incredibly empowering and they reveal things about yourself you might not have known. I never thought I could be somebody who swears by squats so much, but they are by far my favorite. I look up HIIT workouts too so that you can build muscle, blast fat. Truth be told, I am no gym expert so I go to YouTube often. My favorite YouTuber to check out right now is Whitney Simmons. She just posted a Leg & HIIT video that I did that left me sore for daaaaays.

Giving Up (Unnecessary Carbs)

This was very hard for me at first. I used to eat eggs and toast every morning. Pasta was often a quick go-to dinner when I had a busy lifestyle. I didn’t realize how much it was holding me back. So I decided that I would make a major change to my approach on carbs in my diet. I cut out bread unless it was necessary. I ate turkey burgers with no bun, said goodbye to my morning toast, and stopped buying pasta. Instead, I ate oatmeal or organic granola for breakfast (if I wasn’t having eggs and spinach that day) and only ate brown rice with my meals. And even if I wanted carbs, I wouldn’t eat them for dinner. I would only allow myself to have them for lunch or breakfast if need be.

Now sometimes, I’m human, and I slip up. If I’m at a baseball game and I get a hot dog, I eat the bun. One day for dinner I ate chicken noodle soup out of can simply because I didn’t have the energy to cook that day. But for the most part, these choices were a big difference for me. It forced me to incorporate healthy proteins, fruits, and veggies in my diet.

Up the Fiber

Do yourself a favor and google “benefits of a high fiber diet.” I rest my case. I buy fiber granola bars and apples. I eat one of them daily to make sure I’m trying to get more fiber in my diet. I, of course, eat other fibery foods, but these are some simple snacks that ensure I get it into my diet.

Stop Drinking Your Calories

This. Is. My. Biggest. Weakness. I’m going to be honest – I can say no to pops and teas and even suggary macchiatos and cappuccinos. My weakness is beer and liquor. I’ve tried to cut down when I drink, and I definitely have…but not enough for my satisfaction. It’s easy for me to grab a beer with friends when we go out and to crack one over the fire with friends. I’ve tried to Pinterest some skinny cocktails because it’s better to go the liquor route than beer. But it’s been a challenge.

Calling all friends – help me out with some tips on how to better adapt to this.


I’m not claiming to be a fitness guru, I’m not even close. But I have seen results with these changes and these were changes there minor, but paid off big time. They were things easy to adopt for a lifestyle change, which is what we should ultimately aim for when we are trying to be more healthy.

Share your favorite tips and tricks!


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