Summer To Do List

Hello everybody! June is here, which means Spring has done it’s sprung, and now it is finally time to embrace summer. Summer is my favorite season. It’s always been the time of the year where I can be a little more carefree and a little more adventurous.

When I was a kid, I would make summer to do lists with my friends that usually had some absurd things on it. I remember one summer we showered in the rain and did the cinnamon challenge. We also failed at walking through a car wash and breaking a world record…but now that I’m older I want to continue my tradition of making a summer to do list.

This time I’m just gonna keep it simple – embrace some summertime traditions, while also exploring something new. Here are some of the things I want to do this summer:

  1. Go to a concert

    As a die hard music fanatic, I know that summer means the time when artists decide to travel around the country to perform for their fans. I *technically* already went to a concert when I went to see the 1975 in May, but I’m hoping to add another one during the real summer season. Possible contenders? Ed Sheeran, Sam Hunt, or maybe another country artist. I’ve heard country concerts are the best concerts for the sun-soaked season.

  2. Go to a baseball game

    I never was into baseball growing up, but I met a lot of friends who enjoyed it when I came to college. Going to a real baseball game sounded like a lot of fun, so I wanted make sure I went to one this summer. The closest MLB team to me is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Lucky for me – I already get to cross this one off the list! I kicked off my Memorial Day weekend with a baseball game with my sisters. The overpriced beer and wings made the experience complete. Oh, and the fact that the Pirates won!

    If you don’t have a MLB team near you or maybe you don’t wanna spend money on the tickets, check out local teams or events. I know Erie has a minor team that still draws the community in and even my hometown had a baseball tournament at the end of the summer that businesses participate in. If you look hard enough, I know you can find it.

  3. Go hiking

    One of the New Years resolutions was actually to embrace nature more, and I’ve definitely made an effort as the temperature grows higher. I want to continue hiking this summer because it’s a great way to get physical while connecting to the Earth.

  4. Go to a local festival

    Since I’m spending the summer in Erie, I want, no need, to check out the local festivals. They have so many different ones all summer – Cherry Festival, Jazz Festival, Greek Festival. I’m marking them down in my calendar as we speak making sure I don’t miss it.

  5. Do yoga on the beach

    This past year at school I discovered yoga. It truly did transform my life (never thought I would be one of those people saying that), but it really did help me get more in shape and become more mindful. It helped pull me out of a deep, scary place I was in. Lucky for me, I live close to a beach and a yoga studio is hosting Yoga on the Beach every Wednesday…at 8am. Yes, it’s early, but I bet it will be a perfect way to start my day.

  6. Find a job

    So since I’ve graduated college, I am anxiously waiting to start my career. I apply to new jobs every day – I make sure I apply to a minimum of 5. I’ve had a handful of interviews (and even an offer that I, unfortunately, had to turn down), but I’m hoping that sometime very soon I can find a job that will be a stepping stone for the rest of my future.

  7. Go camping

    I wouldn’t say I’m a huge camping girl, but it’s a lot of fun for a weekend with friends or family. As a kid, I would camp with my grandparents for a week. Now that I’m older, a group of friends and I have an annual camping trip in June. I had to miss it last year, so I’m happy I can join in for the fun this summer!

  8. Penn State Arts Fest

    I’m officially a Penn State alum! …and still have never been to Arts Fest. Arts Fest is held in July each year and I don’t know much about it other than it’s insanely fun. One of my closest friends in interning at University Park this summer so I’m going to use this opportunity to visit her!

  9. Learn a new recipe to make at home

    As I branch off into the “real” world, it’s time I learn to make some real meals. I can definitely cook, but my skills in the kitchen are limited. The same four or five dishes can get boring, so this summer I want to learn something new to make – preferably something healthy. If you have any suggestions, comment below!

  10. Go somewhere new

    This doesn’t have to be some grandiose trip. The world is full of places to explore, both big and small. I don’t know if I have the time or the budget to really travel anywhere too far, but there is a lot I’ve yet to see in this world. I want to make it part of my mission to find new places this summer.

  11. Read a book

    Now that I’m not reading material for classes, I have time to read for fun! I’ve had some books on my shelf waiting for me. This was also another New Years Resolution of mine, too!


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