May Memories

The month of May brought a monumental change for me – I GRADUATED COLLEGE! I am thrilled at the thought of a new beginning, but it can also completely overwhelm me. For the most part, the month of May was a lot of downtime for me and a chance for me to catch my breath.

I thankfully was able to live with mindfulness and take each day at a time rather than letting myself get into a panic or a slump. While there were things that I wish were different (like that fact that I wish I had a job offer), I also can appreciate the brighter sides of any situation.

Looking back at this month, here are some of my favorite memories, moments, and new discoveries.

05.05.17 – Graduation!

1975 Concert

05.11.17 – First concert of 2017, Second time seeing The 1975 (Just as flawless) 

New Experiences

Mad Mex

This month I was given the chance to try German food and a large cup of beer at the Hofbraus House. I also tried Mad Mex for the first time, and it did not disappoint…but Moe’s is still my favorite…

Focused on #Fitness

I had no excuse to not work out. I literally live in an apartment complex with a gym three floors below me. I worked out almost 6 days a week after I graduated and started eating much healthier. My friends and I started a “The Biggest Loser” competition against each other, and the winner gets $220…talk about motivation. It’s a 12 week long competition. My strategy? Slow and steady wins the race. I’m looking to make lifestyle changes here.


Hiking over 3 miles – feels good to get outside and soak up this sun.

Month Of New Music? May, apparently…

Seriously, so many new songs and albums dropped. Some personal favorites include:

Harry Styles new self-titled album, Paramore’s After Laughter, Miley Cyrus song Malibu, Oh, Wonders! song my Friends, Bleacher’s song Don’t Take the Money, and Imagine Dragon’s song Thunder

Baseball Game.PNG

05.27.17 – My first baseball game! 

Gratitude of the Month: 5 Job Interviews and 1 Job Offer (that I had to turn down)! Fingers crossed one of those other interviews leads to an offer…


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