Intro disclaimer: I HAVEN’T BLOGGED IN FOREVER! The one I am about to post was crafted over Spring Break, but as I got insaaaaanely busy planning events and applying for jobs, I let the blog take the back burner. Promises to be more active.

Spring Break is a signature part of the college career. Time to take a tropical vacation with all your friends, sipping on margaritas on a beach somewhere with no cares. Except when you get to college, you quickly realize one thing. This isn’t an MTV special. This is real life, and you are broke.

I know I’m not the only college student who can’t afford to go somewhere for Spring Break. But this year, I vowed to make my week off memorable. So I told myself I’m not going home. I can stay in my apartment in my college town and make my own fun memories there. And my friends and I agreed to do it together.

Here is how I spent my #SpringBroke:

Friday : Tatted

Kicking off Spring Broke with a bang I suppose (and a dent in my wallet). One of my best friends and I decided to eat dinner together that night. We were wondering what to do after we ate when I said, “Let’s get tats.” Immediately, she was down and then I started to get hesitant. But she and I have planned to get tattoos forever. So then I thought why not? And so we did. She got the moon, and I got the sun.

Saturday: Shopping with my Best Friend

Saturday I woke up without any real plans. My best friend from high school texted me and said she was coming to the mall in my area. So I was able to spend the day catching up with her and shopping. Retail therapy is real, my friends. It was a great start to the much needed week of unwinding.






Monday: Dinner Party with Friends

On Monday, some of my friends invited me over for a dinner party. They aren’t from America so they were making food from different cultures. It sounded awesome, and it tasted even better. It was truly refreshing to sit at a dinner table with friends over a home-made meal and engage in real conversation. It’s something I want to do with my friends more often. Too often we simply order pizza and watch it with Netflix. After dinner, we played the game mafia (which is so much fun, and you need to try if you haven’t).

Wednesday: Niagara Falls Trip

On Wednesday, my friends and I woke up and hit the road to go to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls isn’t too far from us (two hours), so it was a fun little mini trip. The day we went had absolutely insane winds, but it only made the experience more memorable. The falls had a beautiful rainbow over top of it. We ate at Hard Rock Cafe and indulged in some Starbucks before coming back.

Thursday: Sushi and Socialize

Thursday my roommate and I slept in, drank mimosas, hit the gym, and then went to a networking event my boss invited us too. How adult. The event was filled with business professionals who engaged in stimulating conversation, clinked glasses of wine, and quality sushi. It was oddly comfortable being in that atmosphere.



Friday: Bowling

On Friday, my friend invited me to go bowling with basically a group of strangers. Honestly, I did not want to go whatsoever, but figured why not. And I’m glad I had that attitude. I was able to meet new people and indulge in some innocent fun. I was also reminded that I SUCK at bowling.


Saturday: Back to Reality

Saturday I went out for drinks with friends and prepared to snap back to reality. Taking a week off was incredible and exactly what I needed. (10/10, would recommend). I know that when I’m working in the “real” world, I’m not gonna always have this option. Soak up every second you can when you get chances like this.



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