February Favorites

So it is March…(Welcome March!) And with that, I say goodbye to February. My blogging has been slacking a bit as school continues to pick up its pace and the pressure to find an adult job gets heavier and heavier. (Can’t adulting wait just ooooone more year?)

I made a lot of promises to myself when I approached 2017 (which you can read all about on the blog post I created about it). But I believe I have made a valiant effort in reaching those goals by the end of 2017. My Spring Break is approaching, and I think that will give me some much needed off time to refocus.

I was doing well with working out until the Behrend plague came and hit me. I have definitely been eating with mindfulness. I’ve dabbled with meditation, and I’ve looked into some different subjects that interested me, but overall I’M SLACKING! It’s been two months, Cass – get with it.

Regardless, I want to document all the parts of the journey, whether that means I reach any goals by the end of them or not. I think an important thing to do in life is to reflect. So at the end of each month, I want to create a post not only to go over my favorite things or what I did this month, but as a way to reflect on where I am and how that affects where I am going and hope to be.

My February was pretty much constantly booked with conferences and events, so it was pretty eventful in some ways and not so much in others…

So enough of the rambling, just felt it was necessary after quite some time without any authentic blogging.

Here is my February!



This was probably the highlight of the month. This marked my fourth and final THON as a student. THON is Penn State’s philanthropy that benefits pediatric cancer. Efforts are made year long, but the cumulate in a 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon every February. This year a good friend of mine was one of the dancers. I went with good friends and strained my body for over 22 hours, but it was all worth it and all for the kids. THON has a huge place in my heart and is a big part of my college experiences.


Simple FaceWash

This month introduced me to something I never thought I could find. It had been twenty-one years and I hadn’t found it…but alas, here it now is. A FACEWASH THAT ACTUALLY WORKS FOR MY FACE! It is incredibly frustrating to see all the people my age so far past the acne days…and here I am, still trucking along!!! My friend let me use her facewash and I fell in love. It’s foamy, lasts a long time, is reasonably priced, and is super kind to my skin. I still have an occasional blemish here and there, but overall it controls it way more than any other medicine ever has.


My last Bid Day

It was Bid Day! And again, my last one. I talk about my sorority highly and often. Alpha Sigma Tau became a part of my freshman experience the first semester I was at college, and I thank God every day for that. The best part of bid day is seeing others make that same life altering decision. Congrats, new Taus!


Champagne & Donuts…oddly?

I don’t know why or how this happened, but on random nights this month my friends and I would get together and share donuts and champagne…and sometimes while watching a chick flick. (I know, I can feel your judgments).


Leadership Conference

February also marked my campuses annual Leadership Conference. This year was my third time attending (I skipped my sophomore year), and I’m so glad I went. I’m a strong advocate of student leadership and believe many students don’t realize the skills they are capable of developing. This year  got to attend the leadership with a lot of my friends and sisters, which made it that much more memorable.




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