Who & What I Love

With Valentine’s Day coming up, everybody starts thinking about one thing: love. You either love love, you hate love, you don’t believe in love, or maybe love is the only thing you actually give a damn about.

Either way,  here is my own personal thought on the matter – love does not have to be limited to the love you find in a relationship. It’s important to note there is a little bit of love in every day. It’s just up to you too see it.

So here are a list of the who’s and what’s that I love, and an oath that I’ll try to make this month about showing my appreciation for them more.

I love…


My Best Friends

These are truly the people that are your chosen family. There isn’t one day where I don’t think to myself, “I am so lucky to know these people.” They consistently give me confidence, push me to be a better person, make me laugh, and open my eyes to new experiences. They’ve given me so much joy in life, and I could never express my gratitude enough.


Alpha Sigma Tau

My freshman year I decided to join a sorority – and thank God I did. Alpha Sigma Tau taught me what it meant to be a leader, to define my voice, to never settle for mediocrity. I never thought I would be the woman I am today. And without Alpha Sigma Tau, I most likely wouldn’t be. It empowered me completely.

My Grandmothers

My grandmothers are some of the strongest, most fearless women I have ever met. I hear their stories and just sit in admiration. They know the keys to life – they are truly happy. And what makes them stand out is that they consistently make their own happiness.


Penn State Behrend

I will consistently say coming to Pen State Behrend was the greatest choice of my entire life. It was my first time away from home. I was incredibly sheltered at home. The freedom I found here was more than refreshing, it was genuinely life changing. I met people who completely opened my eyes. I found out who I was when I was in a new place and when I was alone. My years here have been the greatest years of my life.


My niece and nephew

I never knew you could love little humans so much. It’s almost as if I love them as my own siblings. They are curious, playful, and unconditionally loving. These are the qualities I love in children and the qualities that too often fade as we enter adulthood. When I spend some time with them, it’s a friendly reminder to try and instill these characteristics into who I am each day.


Taylor Swift

I get a lot of shit for liking Taylor Swift. I hear all the time about how she is fake, whiny, boy obsessive – and honestly, save it. I know very well she isn’t the most liked person, but I have appreciated her from the beginning. I bought her first album in middle school (and even then kids gave me a hard time saying “ew, you like country”). The reasons I love Taylor Swift are more than her catchy songs – I related. In some of my loneliest or just plain awful times, I related to her because she’s a writer. She used writing in those moments and turned it into something beautiful. And that is exactly what I try to do. You can have all the opinions you want on her dating etiquette or how authentic you think she is, but it doesn’t change the personal connection I have to her and her lyrics.



So as I was saying…I’m a writer. Deep to my soul. I’ve loved writing ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, I loved writing Halloween stories in October. I wrote a “song” (if you can even say that) in fifth grade called “What Is Life About?” …pretty embarrassing. In middle school, I wrote an essay on how the story of Andrew Clement’s The School Story inspired me because it was about a young writer. The essay actually did pretty well and even got top fifty in a state wide competition. I’ve never stopped writing – whether it’s little notes in my phone when I’m inspired, or poetic phrases when I’m in an emotional rut, or blogs just to have some fun expression. I will forever love writing.




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