After saying my goodbyes to 2016 and reminiscing on the good times, it’s only fitting now to focus on living in the moment. And the moment is now 2017.

Here are my goals and resolutions for 2017:

  1. Go to a spahappy-new-year
    Because self care is important and I want to prioritize that.
  2. Maintain a regular exercise routine
    Because I know I’ll thank myself later for this.
  3. Eat with mindfulness
    Because that food I’m eating is literally fueling my body to live. And if I treat it as so, I might be able to enjoy my meals that much more.
  4. Read a new book
    Because I literally have one waiting for me on my book shelf. Ugh, come on, Cass.
  5. Reread my favorite book
    Because it changed my life the first time I read it. And for a reason.
  6. Watch documentaries
    Because I’ve seen One Tree Hill enough times and it’s important to me to be well educated
  7. Get a puzzle book
    Because I want to exercise my mind.
  8. Research subjects that interest me 2017
    If they interest me, imagine how much I’ll enjoy learning more and more. Learning is everything.
  9. Practice meditation
    Because sometimes we need it.
  10. Experience nature
    Because we take it for granted and I don’t want to appreciate it once it’s too late.
  11. Get to know myself more
  12. Practice forgiveness
    Because my worst habit is holding grudges.
  13. Keep a gratitude journal
    To actively practice gratitude.


These goals all relate to one concept I want to focus on in the new year: self care. In the past, I have let expectations and stress take over my self care. I am confident that this will be a year where I can stop that and truly focus on living a healthy and fulfilling year.

 Hope everybody has a healthy and prosperous year in 2017!


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