1 Day Cleanse

This year I promised myself I wouldn’t let myself get carried away with holiday sweets and treats. For the most part, I did okay. But there was a string of two or three days where I found my hand reaching for the cookie tray more than it just have and indulging in restaurant foods that weren’t the healthiest when I went out with my friends.

One night, as I was eating cards at, I kid you not, 1:30am before starting a Sex and The City binge (Don’t know why I became a late owl over my winter break temporarily), I thought “I just need to restart tomorrow.” But the thing is, your body starts to crave sugars and high fat food once you have them.

I knew I was giving my body cravings and the first thing I had to do was to actively kick those cravings. So I decided to try my own little experiment: a one day cleanse. I didn’t want to buy anything like juices or whatever online because in my own opinion, those are unnecessary. You can just eat healthy and work with healthy foods to help your body. It saves money. It might take a little more effort, but I mean…isn’t your body and your health worth it?

So here is a recap of what I came up with after some Pinterest-ing and googling:

  1. Start Your Day With Hot Water & Lemon! 

    This tastes way better than I thought it would to be honest. I am a coffee lover through and through. I didn’t think I would be okay drinking anything else first thing in the morning. But considering you can put a generous amount of lemon in your water (1/2 lemon was recommended), it had plenty of flavor. This is suppose to help kick start your metabolism for the day.

  2. Eggs for Breakfast (You can probably add fruit) 

    I love eggs so this was easy for me. I make them every morning and usually have one piece of toast with them. But for the day, I avoided the bread. I just had two eggs, but I don’t think having three would be bag. Bigger breakfasts are better, with smaller meals later. I didn’t have any fruit in the house I wanted besides bananas. Bananas are not one of the healthiest fruits, so I just decided to stick to the eggs.

  3. Multivitamin 

    I started taking multivitamins daily because I am anemic. You’d think you’re supposed to just take an iron supplement, but my nutrition professor my sophomore year explained it’s better to just take a multivitamin. So I started taking them and realized their other benefits too. They give you energy for the day and you are less likely to have the unnecessary cravings.

  4. Black Coffee 

    Like I said, I love my coffee. Black coffee is a-okay. Skip the cream and sugar.I slid in a session of yoga between this and my next meal.

  5. All Veggie Lunch! 

    Awhile ago, I saw an article that said something about the diet of Victoria Secret models. It caught my eye so I clicked, expecting it to be insanely strict and out of my reach. I discovered that for they had to have only 100 calories of vegetables for lunch. At first I was like “Okay, good for you and your size zero pants, but that’s ridiculous. No thanks. Bye.” But when I looked into – vegetables are so low calorie that you can actually have a lot of veggies without accumulating the calories. I didn’t restrict myself to 100 calories, but I did limit myself to a pure veggie lunch.There is an adorable little coffee shop across town that has plenty of all veggie options. Anytime I want to go for this cleanse, I could always head other there for a yummy, but filling and healthy lunch. However, today I was unable to schedule out enough time to head over there so I stuck with a salad.Tip: While vegetables may not be the most delicious things at times, just try to eat with mindfulness. Remember that this food is literally fueling your body. It will help you enjoy and appreciate it.

  6. Lots of water throughout the day 

    Water is basically Jesus in the nutrition world. Drink it.

  7. Seriously, don’t forget water. 

    You’re supposed to have eight 8 ounce glasses a day. Some people literally drink zero. Drink it! It helps clean out your system and prevents the cravings. This helped me a lot when I was at my hungriest.

  8. Lean meat & more veggies! 

    When dinner comes around, try to keep it light. Bigger breakfast, smaller dinner. I had some more veggies and then some chicken. I love chicken. It’s protein and it’s a lean meat. I wish I liked fish and seafood more, because I know that’s healthy too. But just try to skip the red meat and salty meat, like pork.My friend recently told me that her mom said that once you turn 20, you should watch your cholesterol and watch out for salt. Since then, I’m really trying to step away from the salty food.

  9. Water before bed 

    Because I can’t stress it enough. Try drinking a glass of water before bed. This completes your day of cleansing your body.How I felt the next day:


How I Felt The Next Day:

I woke up earlier and easier than I normally do. I felt good, but I could tell I was craving something tiny, something with bread or something sweet still since I deprived my body for one day. In the future, I decided I should try doing it for longer than one day. But even just one day of clean eating definitely helped. I continued to drink more water the next day because my body wanted it. I still ate healthy. When I did cave and eat something sweet the next day, I definitely could taste the sugar in more than I would have before. Which reminded me of why it’s unhealthy.

Overall, I definitely want to incorporate parts of this cleanse into my everyday life. I love the hot water and lemon in the morning. I think it would be easy to incorporate more veggies in my diet, too. And drinking tons of water, of course. (:




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