“2016 was crap.” That’s what I’m getting from all the internet memes and Facebook posts.

And for the most part, I agree…2016 has some tough moments for me. BUT I’m an optimist so I’m choosing to see the good in 2016. Every year has it’s highs & lows, and 2016 did have a good amount of good things happen.



If there is one thing I love more than anything, it would probably be music. This year I was blessed enough to attend not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR concerts! The first concert was in April. Panic! at the Disco held a concert on my campus, and I even got to meet the band. In August, I took my Dad to a KISS concert as a Father’s Day gift. (KISS is his absolute favorite band). In October, I got to experience Kanye (because why not) and I went to a The 1975 concert on Halloween. The 1975 concert was probably one of my absolute favorite concerts I’ve ever been to.


I didn’t do too much traveling in 2016, but I did get to explore a new place. In June, I went to Jacksonville, Florida for Alpha Sigma Tau’s convention. It wasn’t what I expected for Florida, but it was still fun to go to a new place. And I got to experience the trip with my best friend which was an added bonus!


This year I completed my first 5k! Story time: I used to be very overweight. The summer after my freshman year of college I decided to take up running with a goal of running a 5k by the end of summer. I lost quite a bit of weight from running, but unfortunately got very, very sick the day before the 5k. I spent my last week of summer in the hospital. This summer, I decided to try again and I actually was able to complete it!

I also had a pretty big birthday this year. TWENTY ONE! My best friends all surprised me and took me out that night. My sister in law made me the cutest cake and then I went out the following weekend with friends from school, too. One of my favorite birthdays.



I also was able to vote for the presidential election for the first time. While it didn’t turn out how I wanted, I feel good about doing my civic duty. #ImWithHer


Some of my funnest memories include when my sorority won Greek Week. It sounds dumb, but we honestly have never been close to winning. It was a good moment for us as friends because we all stuck together and had one hell of a week. (Check out the Greek Sing performance dedicated to women empowerment here:Alpha Sigma Tau Greek Sing )

I also had a pretty good summer. My best friend from high school finally came back from studying abroad in Australia and my best friend from college and I were able to hang out quite a bit. A lot of the time was spent lounging at Presque Isle and eating ice cream, but I think one of the more memorable weekends was when she came to Warren. We went hiking and had a nice dinner together. It was probably my favorite weekend of the entire summer.

I conquered Conneaut Lake’s 13 Levels of Hell (which I did not think I would do). I got to tailgate at a Penn State game AND…WE ARE B1G CHAMPS! I made new friends, and I started my senior year of college.


Thanks 2016. Let’s see what 2017 brings!


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