February: Eagles Fly & Galentine’s

What a l-o-v-e-ly month February has been!

I don’t want to jinx myself, but 2018 has been one of my better years. February kept the ball that January started rollin’.

Groundhog’s Day Rager



My two friends hosted a “Groundhog’s Day Rager” that was most definitely the best Groundhog’s day celebration I’ve ever been to. It was decked out with Groundhog cookies, Groundhog themed activities, and, of course, the movie.



I should have known that this was going to be a good month when it was kicked off with an EAGLES SUPERBOWL WIN! My friends and I got together to celebrate with wings, beer, cupcakes, and these pizza balls I made. (Recipe here). Despite me being an Eagles fan, even I was surprised by their win and it made me so happy that my Steeler fan friends celebrated with me.  However, it didn’t lessen the huge blow of Jack Pearson’s death afterward… WE ALL LOVE YOU, JACK.


Galentine’s Day



I spent a considerable amount of my Netflix time dedicated to Park and Rec so, of course, I had to take the chance to celebrate Galentine’s Day. I printed funny Valentine cards for my best gal pals, drank wine, and ate waffles. On *actual* Valentine’s Day, my best friend and I ordered heart-shaped pizzas.



Some other highlights of my month include:

  1. Being invited to my sorority’s crush party #alumstatus
  2. Watching Lord of The Rings for the first time – and it was even the extended edition
  3. I drove to Ohio, which isn’t a big deal at all since it was for a minor work errand…but it was my first time driving out of state which was a mini accomplishment in my book
  4. I tried Thai food and actually really liked it
  5. I bought new decor for my living room and discovered the magical entity that is TJ Maxx



My 2018 Resolution

Success. I volunteered the first weekend of the month at Second Harvest Foodbank. We packed up bags of food to take to schools for children. They were called “Backpack bags” to easily put into the student’s backpack. When I volunteered, I was happy to see how welcoming other volunteers were. I met a family whose parents met at Penn State who had their two young daughters with them. I talked with other volunteers about music, football, and just general interests.

When somebody looked at me and asked, ‘So did you come for hours?” I explained that this was a part of my 2018 resolution to volunteer at a new place each month. The man next to me said, “But you’re young and it’s a Saturday.” I’m not gonna lie, it felt good when he said that. I felt like maybe I’m making a bit of a difference. The man next to me gave me some other suggestions of places I can volunteer at.

I left the food bank feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude. Giving back without expecting in return feels so, so good and it made so excited to continue this process throughout 2018.


Happy February, everyone! Xoxo