Organization Tips & Tricks

There are certain things about me that I know will never, ever change. I will always hate cheese, I will always, and I will always be a Type A personality.

I need structure and organization in just about everything I do – sometimes to a fault. I’m constantly scoring the internet for ways to do things in a more organized and efficient way. Here are some of my tips and tricks for staying on task during the week and making your adult life a little less stressful.

Meal Prep

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Meal prepping is nothing new, but I cannot stress how helpful it is. By preparing your meals on Sunday for the entire week, you ensure you are making healthier choices and save time having to cook throughout the week. Pinterest and YouTube has tons of meal prepping ideas that are also healthy and affordable. I tend to meal prep lunches, make crock pot meals for dinners, and then stick to simple recipes for breakfast.

Clean for 15 Minutes Everyday

When I first moved into my apartment, I tried designating chores for specific days. But the truth was, that was incredibly unrealistic with my schedule. Sometimes I didn’t have time to do certain cleaning on those days and it ended up just making me more stressed because I wasn’t sticking to the routine like I wanted. A tip that has helped me immensely is cleaning for 15 minutes everyday. You’d be surprised at how much you can get done in 15 minutes. It’s very easy to set aside just 15 minutes, even if it’s before bed. It also helps because then you’re able to focus on what needs done most at the moment and you’re much less likely to fall behind on any chores.

Tuesday Technology Clean Out

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On Tuesday, I go through my email inboxes, my text messages, my pictures, and my apps and I clean them out. Doing this once a week helps to keep everything organized and uncluttered (and getting rid of the apps I don’t really use helps keep space open on my phone).

Designate Laundry Day

I know earlier I said that I don’t like to designate days, but my one exception is for laundry – because it definitely takes more than 15 minutes. So if you take one day (preferably a weekend) and do laundry on that day, whether it’s whites, colors, towels, sheets, or all the above. Just do some laundry that day because chances are you definitely have some sort of laundry that needs done.

Backwards Hangers


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This one is a long term plan, but move all your hangers to face the same direction. Once you wear the item of clothing on the hanger, change the hanger’s direction. In 6 months, see which hangers are still facing the same direction from 6 months ago and then do yourself a favor and get rid of/donate those clothes. Give yourself room and give somebody else clothes they can get use out of because you obviously weren’t.

Brain Dump

I do this typically towards the beginning of the week on a Sunday or Monday, but I also like to do this when I feel like I have a lot to do or get done. I take a piece of paper and write down absolutely everything in my mind that needs to get done – groceries, meal prep, birthday gifts, upcoming events, chores around the house, etc. Visualizing it helps me figure out what I can get done, what can wait, and helps me feel better since it’s no longer all jumbled up in my mind.

I hope some of these tips and tricks help give you a more organized and stress free life. Have any tricks of your own? Share them in the comments below.